Jerry Goodwin, LP.D, MBA, is president of Goodwin and Grant, the oldest minority public relations firm in the state. He has represented leading private and public organizations, primarily in Tulsa. Over the course of more than two decades, he has served as a member and an adviser on a wide range of boards and organizations – nationally and locally.


In addition to his business endeavors, Goodwin is an assistant professor at Tulsa Community College and is a former adjunct professor in graduate studies in marketing at the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Research at Langston University-Tulsa. Over the last 20 years, he has taught courses in journalism and digital media, communications, and business, where his students have won awards on an annual basis in journalism. He is following in the footsteps of family members who have taught at leading public and private colleges and universities and school districts across the country.


He is the former assistant to the publishers of The Oklahoma Eagle, the nation’s 10th oldest African American weekly newspaper. The newspaper is one of the state’s leading journals whose origins date back to the early 20th Century. At the media operation and as a fourth-generation member of the family to work there, he learned the business of producing a weekly publication that today is still published and circulated around the world.


Goodwin has been a member of several boards over the course of his career. Currently, he has been a director at the City of Tulsa/Rogers County Port of Catoosa since 1995. He was appointed by Mayor M. Susan Savage, the first female to serve in that capacity. He is one of the longest serving board chairs and currently is an adviser to the Public Relations and Policy committees. He is a founding member of the National Association of Black Journalists-Tulsa chapter. He is also a member of the Public Relations Society of America and its Counselors Academy.


He has a doctoral degree in law and policy from Northeastern University in Boston. He is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, where he received his master’s degree in business administration, and Xavier University in Cincinnati, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in business. He looks forward to continuing to use his education, knowledge, and work experience to support those interests and organizations that are making a difference in society.


Goodwin is the father of a graduate music student, who is his shining achievement.


M: 918-584-4414

James G. “Jerry” Goodwin


The Principal

Former associate publisher of:

The Oklahoma Eagle newspaper,

he is presently senior partner of:

Goodwin & Grant, a firm specializing in advertising, marketing, and public relations with a specialty in diversity communications.