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Partnerships and Business 2 Business strategies - creates leverage, new workspace and new opportunity for companies working together, sharing ideas.     

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Community Service - Jim Goodwin, Esq. (l) and his son, Dr. Jerry Goodwin (r) and The Oklahoma Eagle newspaper were recognized during the 120th anniversary of First Baptist Church – North Tulsa.
100 Black Men of Tulsa
Community Relations 100 Black Men of Tulsa - Dr. Jerry Goodwin is frequently invited to express his support for a variety of community programs and activities.
Student Affairs
Student Affairs - Dr. Jerry Goodwin regularly sponsors trips for his students to visit media organizations and university journalism programs and activities across the state.

Forbes Advisor 2023

Community Relations
RISE_italics_wordmark (6).png
Community Relations - Dr. Jerry Goodwin is frequently invited to express his support for a variety of community programs and activities.
Partnerships Goodwin & Grant
Advocacy - Dr. Cornel West (second from left), the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair at Union Theological Seminary and former professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, who was in Tulsa to lecture on mental
Treasurer Nabj Tulsa Chapter
Professional -Dr. Jerry Goodwin is a founding member and currently the treasurer for the National Association Black Journalists – Tulsa Chapter
Spiritual -120th church anniversary at First Baptist Church North Tulsa
Community Engagement
Community Engagement - Dr. Jerry Goodwin, former director of communications at Morton Comprehensive Health Services, represented the Federally Qualified Health Center at community health fairs.
- Forbes Advisor 2023

"Advantages of a Partnership

Here are some potential advantages for you to consider when thinking about starting a partnership. One or more of these may be relevant to you and help your business thrive.

More Time at Home

Having a partner means that you are not doing all the work alone. This means that you can reduce the number of hours spent on the job because you know that the work is getting done. Partnerships can allow you to create a better work-life balance.

New Perspectives and Varied Expertise

Partnering with someone means you gain their experience, expertise and knowledge. A good partnership will help two parties bridge the gaps that exist in their solo operations. Look for a partner who offers a different perspective than what you currently have to be able to tackle problems in a new way.

Support When You Need It

Having a partner means that you have someone on your team with you. This person can be a great source of strength and an outlet for venting on bad days, and also gives you someone to share in successes with. Knowing that you’re in it together can also ease the stress one feels when starting a business.

Varied Cash Flow

Depending on the partner, you may be able to get more cash to fund the business. Some partners may have access to capital resources that you do not and are able to help fund the operations better. This is important as many companies fail because they don’t have strong financial resources to maintain operations and grow.

Sharing Expenses

Partners are able to share the expenses, which means that you won’t bear the costs all on your own. It takes money to run a business, and a partner helps meet those cost demands. Sharing capital expenditures is a great advantage of a partnership and allows both parties to keep more of their personal funds

Pass-Through Taxation

Partnerships themselves are not taxed as entities; they pass through the taxes to the partners. This means that your revenues are taxed at your personal income tax rate. You avoid the double taxation that happens if you own a corporation, where the company pays tax and then you pay tax on your dividends. Partnerships operating an LLC may be eligible for other tax benefits as well.

Increased Availability To Pursue Opportunities

When working on your own, you have to choose where to place your time and energy. This means that you might not be able to pursue all the business opportunities that arise. But when duties are shared among partners, there is a better ability to increase productivity and pursue new opportunities."  (7 Partnership Advantages In 2023 – Forbes Advisor)

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Our Partners

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