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G&G can analyze and synthesize the primary and secondary research information.

And also, we can give relevant integrated marketing and interactive media strategies.

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“There is one valid definition…to create a customer.”

Peter F. Drucker


Market Research – G&G can analyze and synthesize the primary and secondary research information. And also, we can give relevant integrated marketing and interactive media strategies.


Product Publicity – G&G is able to develop a plan of action that incorporates product, price, place and promotion into a strategy that can be successfully implemented with measurable results.


Special Events and Corporate Sponsorship Marketing G&G can lead in the organization and implementation of a corporate event involving a corporate-based or community-based clientele in selected target markets.


Community Relations – G&G is able to generate response from a community to a corporation or an organization’s community relations initiatives, goals and objectives and/or as it relates to its products and services.

Diversity Communications

​“Forward-looking executives are embracing an ethical imperative and a business 

necessity as they reach out to all races and ethnic groups.”

Language/Cultural Bank – G&G has access to a variety of ethnic and cultural personnel


and organizations that can assist it in the preparation of communications materials sensitive to the target market and target audience.


Research – G&G has experience in the compilation of information to be utilized in

the formation of a plan to reach a diverse and multicultural market.


Special Event Planning – G&G is capable of planning and producing events that are relevant to the client and its internal and external markets.

Public Relations

“With public opinion on its side, nothing can fail.”

Abraham Lincoln


Account/Client Management – G&G is qualified to help emphasize the relationships of the client - external and internal - by understanding the client’s business/ industry/markets, and responding to the client’s request by preparing memos, reports and presentations.


Strategic Planning – G&G is able to assist the client in focusing upon the overall approach to public relations and reputation management, involving areas such as, planning and conducting research and integrating public relations into the organization’s strategic plan.


Media Relations – G&G is capable of creating and developing the most effective scenarios and opportunities to showcase a client’s product or service through the media. “How to effectively get your message across the airwaves and ‘printwaves’.”


For example, Goodwin & Grant can assist in identifying audiences and developing a media strategy.


Community Relations – G&G can conduct research, set goals and objectives,


communicate with different audiences, sponsor community events and engage in visible community service on behalf of the client.


And Additional Services in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations are available.

PR Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma
A Public Relations & Communications Firm

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"Business has only two functions - Marketing and Innovation"

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about"

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